I’m a DIY’er, and I needed an alternative to concrete. I looked into helical piles and found the light-duty helical pile you can get anywhere.

Problem… Not strong enough.

My project required more support than a light-duty pile could deliver, light duty systems max out with a 4×4.

So I googled on…

What I then found was, the next level up in helical piles is only available through professionally installed services using machinery. Ouch!

This suck’s, I want to do it myself, but there just isn’t a DIY system that meets my requirements. 

So I did what any good DIY’er would do. 

I invented the solution I needed and processed the patent documents.

Earth Grip is a manual install helical pile system giving DIY’er’s the ability to go for those larger projects without having to call in the expensive machinery.

Earth Grip expands the variety and size of projects you can do with manually installed helical piles.

So yea, you’re going to need to stick a shovel in the ground, but you’re not too old for that anyway. Don’t worry, you only need a shallow hole, and the dirt goes back in at the end. 

If a shovel is out out the question, then just get out your wallet, get on the phone and call in the geostructural team.

Earth Grip is the manual install helical pile system which DIY’er have been searching for.

Just build it.

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