Most trees roots occur in the top 24″ of soil.

The Discovery

When the aggravation of concrete footings drove us into designing a better way, we needed ideas. So, we did what all smart people do, we turned to nature for inspiration and creativity.

What we found was awesome! Most trees have really shallow root systems.  ‘No way’ we thought, how do they support themselves in in the wind and rain? We had to chase this to a conclusion.

Below is a long list of really big trees which have really shallow root systems. More often than not, a tree’s roots will grow shallow, and only go deep if there is a need to reach water down below.

Once we were convinced, (which we are) we ran with it. A structurally stable foundation system can be established in the first 24” of soil. Trees have been doing it for millions of years, and it’s worked out pretty good for them.

We decided to take advantage of the structural support just below the surface of the ground.

It’s not necessary to dig super deep to get stability, the trick is to utilize the largest mass of soil near the surface as possible. This is why the walls of the Earth Grip are angled outward, it activates a whole lot more soil, basically making the surrounding soil part of the foundation, just like trees do.

Common Trees and their surprisingly shallow root system

TreeRoot SystemLink
Root Depth 6” -12”Quaking Aspen Root Depth
Root Depth: 1” - 12”Red Maple Root Depth
Root Depth: 1" - 20"Yellow Popular Root Depth
Root Depth: 5" -20"Western Hemlock Root Depth
Root Depth: 6" - 20"Red Oak Root Depth
Root Depth: 6" -18"White Oak Root Depth
Root Depth: 4" -10"American Beech Root Depth
Root Depth: 6" -24"Black Cherry Root Depth
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